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Amiad Plastic Filters for Industry

Simplicity Meets Reliabilty
Amiad Plastic Series. Simplicity Meets Reliabilty

Amiad plastic filters for industrial water filtration applications with interchangeable filter components, variable filtration levels, and a wide range of flow rates.
These multipurpose filters have exceptional mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and corrosion resistance thanks to their engineering plastic construction.
Amiad plastic filters are simple to disassemble without the use of any tools, and it is simple to remove the filter elements for cleaning from the filter housing.
By incorporating one of the unique features of the Brushaway or Scanaway assemblies, the operation can be upgraded to semi-automatic.
To visibly indicate when the filter needs to be cleaned, a clogging indicator can be fitted on the pressure check points.
Applications: Industrial water filtration

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Product Benefits
Various filtration elements
Various filtration elements
Ideal for a range of flow rates, filtration degrees and applications
Reliable and durable
Reliable and durable
Designed for long-term and simple operation
Minimal head loss
Minimal head loss
Saves energy and costs
Semi-automatic option
Semi-automatic option
Can be upgraded to semi-automatic operation by adding Brushaway or Scanaway assemblies
Minimal maintenance
Minimal maintenance
Saves time and labor costs
Sturdy construction
Sturdy construction
Excellent mechanical strength, durability and chemical resistance
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