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D-26 SB

D-26 SB

Underground Air Valve for Wastewater

Product Details




Wastewater water transmission lines, Pump stations for sewage, wastewater & water treatment plants.

Valve Selection

50mm-80mm (2" - 3")


Threaded, Flanged

Product Details

The D-26 SB combines the reliable and efficient properties of the D-26 combination wastewater air valve with the added feature of a sub-surface valve that can be buried below ground.

Air valve disconnection and maintenance from ground level is possible due to a specifically designed gear box operated horizontal sliding disc valve situated at the base of the D-26 SB assembly.

Product Details

Product Benefits

Gear Box Operated Shut-off Valve

Enables the disconnection and removal of the D-060 air valve from its subsurface housing, even when the system is under pressure.

Surface operation

All Maintenance is conducted above surface, removing safety considerations for confined spaces.

Safety Mechanism

Unless the shut-off valve is in the “closed” position and the internal pressure is released, a safety mechanism stops the accidental extraction of the air valve.