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Eliptix R-20 & R-21

Eliptix R-20 & R-21

Plastic Control Valve

Product Details


Control Valve


Manual, Electric Operated, Pressure Reducing, Pressure Sustaining, Quick Pressure Relief Control Valves.

Valve Selection

40mm-200mm (1.5" - 8")


Threaded, Flanged, Grooved (Model Dependent)

Product Details

The Eliptix R-20 and R-21 series valves are a line of composite, diaphragm operated hydraulic control valves. With a broad variety of working pressures of up to 10 bar, the valve is suitable for installation on water transmission, landscape and irrigation systems.

The R-20 series has an innovative elliptic shaped spring-loaded diaphragm that reacts according to the downstream pressure changes. To support this, the R-20 integrates well with a wide variety of regulating control pilots, solenoids and control accessories.

Product Details

Product Benefits

Excellent flow regulating capabilities

Designed for a wide range of flow rates from (500 l/h) to Maximum flow.

Vast operational pressures

Operational from low pressure up to 10 bar

Simple mechanism

An innovative elliptic shaped diaphragm with user-friendly design & maintenance