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Combination Air Valve

Product Details


Combination Air Valve


Reclaimed water, Raw water, Desalination & Sea Water, Mines, Oil & Gas, Marine - Ballast Water, Food Industry, Power Plant Cooling.

Valve Selection

50mm-100mm (2" - 4")


Threaded, Flanged

Product Details

The D-025 combination air valve contains both an air & vacuum large orifice component and an automatic small orifice air release component in a single body. The valve is specifically designed to operate with liquids carrying low concentrations of solid particles.

The dual feature combination air valve discharges and admits air (gas) during the filling or emptying of the system, and releases accumulated air (gas) from the system while it is operating under pressure.

Product Details

Product Benefits

Conical body shape

Designed to maintain the maximum distance between the liquid and the sealing mechanism and still obtain minimum body length.

Independent spring-guided linkage

Allows free movement of the float and rod. Vibrations and movement of the lower float due to turbulence will not unseal the upper float mechanism.

Rolling Seal Mechanism

The Rolling Seal is less sensitive to pressure differentials than a direct float seal. It accomplishes this by having a comparably large orifice for a wide pressure range (up to 10 bar).