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MCFM Series for Industry

Outstanding Solution for Heavy Dirt Loads
MCFM. Outstanding Solution for Heavy Dirt Loads

MCFM filters are perfectly suited for high flow rates and heavy dirt loads. Even in low-pressure lines, the MCFM produces excellent performance. Its cleaning system combines suction with spray jets to effectively clean fibers and fiber-like substances.
MCFM filters are automatic with an optional continuous self-cleaning mechanism that are a cost-effective solution for a wide range of high dirt-load and high flow rate applications. They are the ideal filtration solution for industrial applications – simple to install, operate, and maintain.
intake water, cooling water, process water, reclaim/reuse, drinking water, seawater, aquaculture

So, How Does It Work?

Everything you need to know about the MCFM advantages and operation.

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Product Benefits
Heavy duty
Heavy duty
For high loads in rough conditions
Unique cleaning mechanism
Unique cleaning mechanism
Combines suction with spray jets for efficient cleaning of fibers
Various flushing modes
Various flushing modes
DP/Time interval, continuous, super-flush, reduced flow
Suitable for various applications
Suitable for various applications
Ideal solution for filtration of poor quality water
Reliable and durable
Reliable and durable
Designed for long-term and simple operation
Low pressure
Low pressure
Minimal operating pressure: 0.5 bar
Technical Materials & Support
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