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D-070 P

D-070 P

Dynamic Combination Air Valve

Product Details


Dynamic Air Valve


Installation on Water Systems, Desalination & Sea Water, Food Industry, Power Plant Cooling.

Valve Selection

50mm-100mm (2"- 4")


Threaded (50-80mm), Flanged

Product Details

The D-070P dynamic combination air valve is a unique valve that operates without a float, Instead utilizing the rolling diaphragm principle. This unique design allows air to discharge in a controlled and gradual manner, preventing slam and local up-surges.

When the line is not operating, the air & vacuum component of the dynamic air valve is normally closed, preventing the infiltration of debris and insects into the water system.

Product Details

Product Benefits

Quiet Closing

Extremely quiet closing.

Small Footprint

Lightweight, small dimensions, simple and reliable construct.

Vast operational pressures

Working pressure ranges from 0.2 - 16 bar.