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Dorot 100 Series

Dorot 100 Series

Ductile Iron Control Valve

Product Details


Control Valve


Manual, Solenoid Operated, Pressure Reducing, Pressure Sustaining & Relief, Hydraulic Remote Controlled, Flow Control Valves.

Valve Selection

20mm-350mm (3/4" - 14")


Threaded, Flanged, Grooved (Model Dependent)

Product Details

The Dorot 100 series valves are a line of metal, diaphragm operated hydraulic control valves designed to tackle various control applications in water supply, fire fighting, industrial and sewerage systems.

Dorot S-100 valves are made for easy, inline maintenance, using basic tools. With the only moving component being a reinforced diaphragm, there are no shafts, bearings or seals that may corrode and there is no wear and tear by dirty abrasive water or chemicals.

Product Details

Product Benefits

Structural Simplicity

Simple design making for easy in-line maintenance.

Vast operational pressures

Operational from low pressures up to 16 bar

Minimal Moving components

The only moving component is a reinforced diaphragm, allowing Allows free passage in the fully open valve with minimal obstruction to the flow line.