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The ADI-P App – The Latest Innovation in the Field of Automatic Irrigation Controllers

Monitor all your sites’ automatic irrigation filters from your smartphone, for free Amiad is continuing to revolutionize automated irrigation controllers with the ADI-P App — a free app that lets you access ADI-P Controllers for your irrigation filters on all your sites, in real time, directly from yoursmartphone. << Learn about how to save resources with the Mini Sigma self-cleaning … Continued

Water Filtration for Landscape Irrigation

  As we approach the irrigation season, we see more and more homeowners, commercial properties, and municipal parks who are using natural water sources for irrigation. Homeowners with access to a lake, pond, or even a well will prefer to use the free water over paying to use city water for irrigation. When using surface … Continued

Step By Step Water Filtration

What is Water Filtration?  Filtration (particle filtration) separates and removes solids from water.  Why is Water Filtration Required? Whether water is required for drinking, industrial processes or irrigation, it usually requires some degree of filtration. The type of filter selected depends on the water source (surface or sub-surface water) which have different characteristics and quality. … Continued