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The ADI-P App - Our Latest Innovation In The Field Of Automatic Irrigation Controllers

Amir Eisen
Embedded control system engineer // 09 Jan. 2019
Amir has 15 years of experience in characterizing and developing control systems for the agricultural market.

Monitor all your sites’ automatic irrigation filters from your smartphone, for free

Amiad is continuing to revolutionize automated irrigation controllers with the ADI-P App — a free app that lets you access ADI-P Controllers for your irrigation filters on all your sites, in real time, directly from your

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The ADI-P App interfaces with Amiad’s ADI-P Controller, which operates the automated processes that flush Amiad’s Sigma Pro and Mini Sigma automatic self-cleaning filters.

Blog ADI-P controller and application screen 8

Launched in May 2018, the ADI-P App is already changing the way farmers are managing their automated irrigation systems. Growers and water managers are now able to conveniently monitor and control their filtration systems. This ensures efficient crop irrigation with high-quality water, which, in turn, contributes to an increased yield.

The ADI-P App is available in 8 languages — English, French, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Access Your Site’s Irrigation Filter Data Directly from the ADI-P App

The ADI-P App connects with the ADI-P Controllers on each of your field sites within Bluetooth® range.

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“The ADI-P controller and app for the Mini Sigma are easy and friendly to use. They provide the grower with all of the details needed. This helps us in the field to know what the water quality is and how to handle issues. I highly recommend them!”
Tomer Greenberg, Avocado Grove Manager, Kibbutz Regavim


The superior monitoring capabilities offered by the ADI-P App help to ensure stable and consistent performance and operation of each site’s filters.
Some of the data that you can access via the ADI-P App includes:

  • Flush logs
  • Flush frequency
  • Current DP (differential pressure)
  • Current outlet and inlet pressure
  • Flush quality – measuring DP on the filter before and after flush cycle
  • Malfunctions with descriptions of each event
  • Battery status and low battery alerts

Change Your Automated Irrigation Filter Configurations and Settings

You can also adjust the configuration and settings for the filter directly via the ADI-P App. This means that instead of manually configuring the settings on each ADI-P Controller, you can do it directly on your smartphone, without ever having to leave your vehicle!

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“The new ADI-P controller is innovative, simple to handle and with a lot of information compared to the other flush controllers of existing filters in the market.” Toni Loire, Valves & Filters Engineer, Regaber

The ADI-P App also lets you schedule automatic flushes at set intervals (e.g. every 4 hours), at a specific time (e.g. 7:00 every morning), or by DP (differential pressure).

Flushing by DP ensures that the flush cycle is initiated only when the DP reaches a defined threshold (meaning the filter needs to be cleaned). This optimizes water usage, since flushes occur only when necessary, while effectively avoiding clogged filters.

Some additional settings that you can easily configure include:

  • Flush duration
  • Filter model
  • DP set point
  • Maximum idle time between flushes
  • System units (metric or imperial)

Some other parameters that can be defined and will help us gain better understanding of the filters’ operation (optional):

  • Water source (river, canal, drinking water, etc.)
  • Nominal flow and nominal pressure
  • Filtration degree
Blog ADI-P controller and application screen 10

Export Settings and Logs via the ADI-P App

You can easily export or download your settings, data logs, and reports, which can then be shared with Amiad and/or your service provider via email or other media, so you can receive the support that you need.

This gives you the ability to review historical data from all your sites.

By analyzing the data, you can identify issues that need to be resolved and ensure that all processes are operating smoothly, saving you valuable time and money.

In addition, comparing the data between different sites can provide actionable insights regarding the best, most efficient way to run the filter processes.

“The ADI-P controller is smart and fun to use, along with the ADI-P App.” Asaf Robinson, Irrigation Water Manager, Field Crops, Kibbutz Ma’ale Gilboa

How the ADI-P App Works with the ADI-P Controller

Once you’ve installed the ADI-P App (on your Android or iPhone), you can connect to the ADI-P Controllers via Bluetooth on each of your sites. The ADI-P Controller is responsible for controlling and automating the flushes for your filters. This means that you can control and monitor them easily and conveniently, even from the comfort of your vehicle.

Benefits of the ADI-P App for Automated Irrigation Control

The ability to manage all your filters from one app isn’t only convenient; it saves you both time and money.

Because managing your filters via the app is so convenient, it’s easier to monitor your sites every day. This ensures that you’ll be able to fix issues as they appear and contributes to stable and consistent performance of the filters.

Amiad’s ADI-P automated irrigation controller is also the only solution that can identify when a flush is complete. This helps to ensure the efficiency of each filter flush, and allows you to adjust the configuration as needed to improve the quality of the flushes if required.

The functionality and features provided by the ADI-P App are part of Amiad’s overall goal, which is to provide quality filtration solutions that help farmers overcome the ongoing challenges that they face every day. 

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